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Attention: The Congregation’s school (John Knox Christian Academy) is seeking a full time teacher for the coming school year. More details here.  Note: the deadline for applications is April 15, 2016.


church photoWelcome to the website of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland in Santa Fe, Texas. We are a Houston area evangelical, Calvinistic denomination, reformed in doctrine, worship and practice. Our church was formed in 1893 and is a mainline descendant of the historic Church of Scotland of the Reformation. Our church has congregations on 5 continents, and one in the United States.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that we have a faithful translation in the Authorised Version (King James version). We believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith is an accurate statement of the main doctrines of the Bible.

Our worship is derived from the example of the church of the New Testament with nothing added. So we use no musical instruments, and we sing only psalms. Our service is centered around prayer, praise (psalms), and explanation of the Bible (preaching). See what to expect when attending our services.